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Golden Bridge Cash Solution

How much can I borrow?
All requests for loans will be considered on their merits. We will evaluate your loan application to ensure that you are capable of repaying the loan. You can usually borrow up to 20% of your take home pay and to maximum $1,500. For a first time borrower you can usually borrow up to $500.

The minimum loan amount is $50.


How long can I borrow for?
The term of the loan is from 62 to 90 days depending on your pay frequency. Repayment installment is due on your payday.

What if I have poor credit?
There is never a credit check. As long as you have regular income, in most cases, we can help. If you have questions about your eligibility for a loan, learn more about how our payday loans works, or contact Golden Bridge Cash Solution ™. In fact, it will help you to re-build your creditworthiness if you always pay off your loan on time. We are happy to supply confirmation of this.

How long does the approval process take?
For first time borrower, so long as your application and all the required documentation are received, approval takes only a couple of hours - applications received by 2 p.m. EST will be processed the same day. Members will be even easier and quicker.

How soon can I receive a cash advance?
Funds are deposit into your bank account over night once your application is approved. The funds are normally available very next day; however, it is subject how quickly your bank processes the funds. Golden Bridge Cash Solution ™ cannot be held responsible for the failure of your bank to process the fund transfer in a timely manner.


How do I receive the cash, and how do I repay the loan?
We transfer money electronically. You pay us back by hassle-free direct debit from your account on the agreed payment day(s). You dont need to worry about anything more than ensure you have enough money in your account on the due date. This service allows you to privately receive your loan without leaving your home.


What if I can't pay the loan on the due date?
If you cannot make a payment, you should contact us immediately. Depending on your circumstances, we may make changes to the repayments under your contract to help you repay the debt. You can ask us to:

Charges may become payable in the event of default payment. For more details please check Cost & Fees


What documentation do I need?
If you are a first time borrower with Golden Bridge Cash Solution ™, you will need all of the documentation mentioned in How to Apply section of our website.


I don't have a bank or credit union or any other account?
Unfortunately, if this is the case we cannot help you. We have no way of crediting your account as we do not deal in cash.

I cannot get access to a fax machine to send over the application and documents. Where can I go?
Fax facilities are usually available at public libraries ( ) and main post offices ( ) as well as MBE business service centres ( ). Some convenience stores also have a fax service.

SCAN: Alternatively, you can scan and email the signed application form and documentation.

POST: If none of the above is practicable, alternatively you can post the application and documents to us. If you urgently need the money then try using Express Post / Express Post Platinum for next business day delivery and we will put cash into your account once approved. See for more details on the Express Post service.


What is the cost of a cash loan?
Please refer to our Costs & Fees section for more information.


Are there any early repayment fees?
No, you can pay back the loan as soon as you like without penalty.


How does an extension work?
Please refer to our Extensions section under how it works for more information.


Why has my application been rejected?
There are many reasons why your loan may be rejected, our staff are unable to give specific reasons for this, but wherever possible they will try and get your loan approved.


What I should know before entering a credit contract? Please read the Credit Guide before entering a credit contract.


What I should do if I have a complain or dispute? Please refer to the Dispute Resolution Guide.