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Manage your money before it manages you.
If you need money management tips, this section is the place for you. We realize that the best defence against financial difficulty is a good offence in money management. Below you will find stable money management tips that will help you stay out of trouble.

Planning your finances
Your own plan will help you control your money. If you set some goals, make a plan and stick to it, you can make progress.  

What do you want to achieve?
Would you like to:

How much will each goal cost?
The next step in planning your finances is to estimate how much your goals may cost, and compare that cost with what you are saving. Then you can see if there's a gap to close. Estimating costs is fairly straightforward for the goals you have already started, such as loans you are paying off.

Budgeting and dealing with unexpected events
What if you're not saving any money, not saving enough or unexpected events throw your finances into disarray? Budgeting and being prepared for unexpected events can change things for the better, often without too much pain.

Budgeting: what you need, and what you want
It is important to remember that financial stability does not rely on how much you make, but on what you choose to spend. The most important aspect of money management is to create a budget. You should know, approximately, how much income, minus taxes, is coming in every month. This is easily assessed by adding together the pay stubs of a given month. Once you have established what you make every month, it is important to live within that budget.

The best tool for finding extra money is a budget. Look at the things you need - the essentials, such as housing and food - and those you simply like to have, or want. When you need to trim the budget, cut back on thewants' first - things that aren't essential for everyday life. Don't cut out all the wants, because if your budget's too tight, it's not going to work.

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